Posted on October 21, 2015

Halls of Horror Attraction Review


Halls Of Horror

Web address:

Location: Palmerton, PA (Carbon County)

Full body immersion into the depths of horror

The Nuts and Bolts:

Halls of Horror is one main attraction. Parking is free on the street and there seemed to be plenty of spaces. Entry is $15 to go through the haunt or $25 to upgrade to the Blood Experience. The blood experience is what it sounds like, bloody, messy, and intense! No matter which experience you choose, you will sign a release and the actors WILL touch you. The Blood Experience offers more extreme levels of actor interaction with the guests.

The Attraction:

I came about this attraction when I saw a man at a casino wearing a Halls of Horror t-shirt. As a fan of all things horror, I immediately needed to visit the website to see what this was about. It was love at first sight when I feasted my eyes upon a haunt for the mature audience…translation, adults/young adults. The site brags that it is not for the faint of heart and please leave your sensitivities and your children at home. I had finally found utopia.

So I enter the Halls of Horror and was immediately engulfed in the experience. First of all, I want to let you know that they make every attempt to give you a personalized experience. You will go through in groups no larger than five people and don’t be surprised when the actors learn your name. Like lions around an injured gazelle, these guys know how to sense the fear in your party, and, beware! They like to play with their prey. The best part about this haunt was their ability to completely isolate you. It will feel as if this is happening…just to you.

Their use of lighting disorients you and an uncanny ability to add and remove sound makes you doubt your own senses. Furthermore, the props, makeup, and set design are completely innovative. Halls of Horror uses a keen insight to find the best ways to camouflage their actors in plain sight. Each hall is a new and unique horror. As much as I love seeing classic horror monsters at my haunts, this one really works without them. This is no juvenile haunt; it is clear that it is a labor of love and the actors push this haunt into a whole other category.

HallsOfHorror Collage

Of Special Note:

The actors/actresses did an AMAZING job. It really shines through that these guys love what they are doing. They stay in character and they make sure to individualize your experience. Yes the effects and the settings are great but they would be an empty shell without the heart and soul(less) masters of horror lurking within!

Ok, this one goes out to the ladies… even if haunted houses scare you witless, you will appreciate the seriously beefy guys that inhabit this place. Had a bad day?…Broke up with your man?…Go to Halls of Horror and get man-handled by some horror hunks.

Helpful Hints:

  • The website doesn’t lie, you will get messy. Even if you don’t upgrade to the Blood Experience, there is residual gore lingering throughout. So be smart and don’t wear your Sunday best.
  • If you don’t like to be touched, go somewhere else.
  • Live dangerously & upgrade to the Blood Experience.

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