Posted on December 24, 2015

Twas the Night Before Christmas: Horror Homeroom Style!


Twas the Night Before Christmas,
and all through the house
horrible creatures were stirring,
all but my spouse;


As I replaced the fire poker
by the chimney with care,
I knew it would be Krampus
who would visit this year;

Awaiting the demon’s visit
thoughts danced through my head,
of all the horror films that
that 2015 bred;

I looked to the twitterverse
grabbed a @GhouliaChilds snack
And revisited Horror Homeroom
for a year-end recap,

Looking back on these films
some were filled with blood splatter,
others had such twists
and I couldn’t be gladder.

Gwen’s favorite movie was
Insidious Part three
she argued it shed light
on depression and disease.


Social commentary and fun death scenes
a good horror film does make
On those criteria alone
Unfriended and Sinister 2 will place

Gwen feels that The Visit
was the worst of this year,
not even redeemable,
after a keg of good beer,

I turned next to the films
Lauded by Dawn,
It Follows, House on Pine Street,

& Inhabitants by Michael and Shawn,


After Dawn’s reviews
twitter followers they came,
Elizabeth whistled, and shouted,
and called them by name;

“Now, @thehorrorchick! now, @wineandvicodin!
now @ChantalHandley, and Vixen!
On, @brook_ebennett ! on @alistasi!
on @80shorrormovies, and Blitzen!

To the top of the community
with academic flair we will crawl!
Writing each day,
Answering the horror call!

Elizabeth rounds out Horror Homeroom
with analysis so sly,
Her take on the classics,
shot our site to the sky,

Elizabeth’s favorites included
Final Girls, and Aimy in a Cage,
Her analysis was smart,

And put eyes on our page!

Aimy's bedroom is initially a cornucopia of color and texture.

Her disagreement with Gwen
About Scream Queens & zombies gave proof
That blending our voices
brings us closer to truth.

Our blend of academic fan flailing,
is the most interesting around,
Dawn’s folk horror, gothic narratives
and natural horror a bound.

Elizabeth with final girls,
analysis & TWD to boot,
The web savvy fangirl
brings in the horror CON groups;

Gwen sure loves the 80s,
creepy horror kids, and gore,
If we could pry her from 80s concerts
I’m sure she’d write more!

Together in 2015
We brought smiles to your cheeks!
By bringing the joy of our
zombie and shark weeks!

Each one of us took time
to memorialize Wes Craven,
remembering favorite films
from the great horror maven;


Posts on queerness, menstruation,
and decency galore,
Indie horror, film festivals,
meme revolutions and more;

Top ten lists with childhood horrors,
and horror comedies so silly,
and the deep roots of horror
around North Eastern cities.

As I throw on my Gremlins scarf
with my haphazard flare,
I hope more of you will join,
Horror Homeroom and share;

Share with us comments
and critiques from inside your head,
Help Dawn and Elizabeth
Write a book on The Walking Dead;

Looking toward 2016,
there still is much work,
weeding through horror films,
is where we will lurk,

On this night before Christmas
Its not Krampus who brings tears,
It’s the family and holiday gatherings
I will endure til next year;


 As long as we have horror,
There can be no disaster,
for our favorite films, like our website
are filled with brain matter.

But I hope you enjoyed,
the 2015 review of our site,
“Happy Christmas to all,
and to all a good-fright.”


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