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My Bloody Valentine

two dolls sit on swings in the middle of a desolate town
Posted on June 19, 2022

10 Scary Small Towns in US Horror

Guest Post

The culture wars in US politics have become fixated on the rural-urban divide ever since rural voters in just the right mix of states elected Donald Trump to the Presidency in 2016, launching a thousand ethnographic think-pieces in big city news outlets about the worldview of small-town white folks who had long been overlooked by mainstream media.

But anxieties about rural America have long animated a certain corner of the US horror tradition, in stories about seemingly wholesome small towns hiding dark secrets behind their façade of normalcy. Or stories of decrepit small towns where the people and communities left behind by globalization and urbanization have turned monstrous and vengeful, at least in horror films. Read more

Posted on February 14, 2020

Love Hurts: Talking My Bloody Valentine (1981 and 2009)

Elizabeth Erwin
On today’s episode, love hurts as we look at the Canadian slasher My Bloody Valentine (1981), as well as its 2009 3D American remake. Quintessential slashers, these films demonstrate that although the tropes remain the same, there is a generational divide in how they are deployed. We’re celebrating Valentine’s Day the way it was intended on this episode with blood, gore, and a perfectly placed body in a dryer so stay tuned!

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