Posted on August 9, 2019

Jaw Crushing Horror: Talking Crawl (2019)

Elizabeth Erwin

In today’s episode, we’re wading into Alexandre Aja’s Crawl. Now, we all know that Jaws made a generation afraid to go into the ocean, but does this film’s ode to bloodthirsty alligators offer up a similar heart-pounding experience? And why are we so afraid of what lurks within the water? We’re giving some gator love on this episode, so stay tuned!

And side note, for some inexplicable reason I kept saying crocodile when, in fact, our underwater stalkers are alligators. And as my first-grade teacher, Mrs. Moon, spent many weeks explaining, there is a difference.

Additional Reading:

  • Gregersdotter, Katarina, Johan Höglund, and Nicklas Hållén. Animal Horror Cinema: Genre, History and Criticism. Springer, 2016.

And check out Christy Tidwell’s argument about Crawl and the myth of human superiority, on HorrorHomeroom.

You can stream Crawl on Amazon:

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